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Hersham began as a strip of woodland beside the River Mole. In 1540 he purchased from John Carleton the "manor of Morehall or Sylkesmore" in Hersham, together with lands and woods in Burwood and Hatch in Hersham. [94] The bridge was constructed in 1867 and, at the insistence of Thomas Grissell the landowner, was given lavish architectural treatment. [11], The first mill at Sidlow was built during Saxon times. [9] In John Rocque's 1768 map of Surrey, the name Moulsey River is used. [60] The water table in the chalk of the Wey Gap is significantly higher than might be expected from natural rainwater percolation alone. [31] The Environment Agency estimated that up to 5200 fish of 14 different species were killed as the pollution drained downstream. A principal tributary of the Earlswood Brook is the Redhill Brook, which includes The Moors wetland nature reserve within its catchment area. The airport was fined 30,000 by Lewes Crown Court. [59] A second survey in 1948 estimated that the same springs were yielding about 5million imperial gallons (23,000m3) a day. Hersham contained one manor alone known as Morehall alias Sylkesmore or Southwood. However, the road remained open and the site was clear of parked vehicles by mid-morning. Mole (Horley to Hersham) is a river in Surrey. [37] A second non-native species, the edible frog (Pelophylax kl. ?Pp9sJA_s^quN9&tx\R8Mx5s_u`:{,;.$0c )]}6>w~ByK_~_ Vj>&5HSQvPu|w_?~M6 /q$|;3Lq8SqN)?=LHI}sAZ]uesS6z3E i!+=yj}1z%H#4H:M[Wj\#\gDG/`ujzpa:yO(K+:3`~~j?u{?-@%qExtKste_/EX:n[xv[?8w{~fo?2,W`)_(rF z~~6VGS8_];qssWSn_n*,o lDu>>X\$=vlP[~gCLp? [note 1] The mean flow is 0.33m3/s (12cuft/s) and the river ran dry at this point for the first time in the summer of 1995. [92] The first bridge on this site was probably constructed during the late Middle Ages and was rebuilt and enlarged by the county surveyor, George Gwilt in 178283. [6] From the source to Dorking, the river drains an area of 340km2 (130sqmi), of which approximately 60% is on Wealden or Atherfield Clay, 20% is on Tunbridge Wells Sand and 20% is on greensand. In the 12th century it was written Haverichesham suggesting Haeferick's hamlet or river bend settlement. It also takes in all six ponds of this part of Esher Common, some hidden deep in the woods. We use some essential cookies to make this service work. [36], The Mole catchment area includes twelve Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs) that include wetland habitats,[6] The Mole Gap forms part of a Special Area of Conservation and is an SSSI of European importance. vGc+R~g^Dq|( [55] When the Dorking to Leatherhead railway was constructed in 1859, a fossilised swallow hole was discovered in the cutting at the south end of Box Hill & Westhumble railway station, suggesting that even in its early history, the river had swallow holes.[53]. 5 0 obj [42], A nationally scarce species which is locally common on the River Mole is the greater dodder (Cuscuta europaea), a parasitic plant. The water table rises at this point and much of the water which drained out of the channel through the chalk returns through springs in the riverbed. [21], At Leatherhead, the Mole leaves the chalk and turns northwestwards to flow across impermeable London Clay, winding towards Cobham. 0.7km (0.4mi) south of Sidlow the mean flow is measured as 2.21m3/s (78cuft/s) at Kinnersley Manor gauging station (48m[157ft] above OD). It then swings east and joins the Thames between East Molesey and Thames Ditton at Albany Reach and Cigarette . The site is a rich habitat for birds including the redshank and little ringed plover. Today the Mole is navigable for the 400m (440yd) from the confluence with the River Thames to Molember Weir at East Molesey where there is a private mooring facility. [86][87][88] An anti-tank ditch was dug from the Stepping Stones eastwards across the fields belonging to Bradley Farm (now Denbies vineyard). [wa=}k Leaving Dorking, the River Mole skirts the south west of Leatherhead and then Cobham, before heading north between Hersham and Esher. Up to date as of 9:36pm on 27 February 2023. Within a few minutes walk of this suburban-urban bulk of Hersham in the east are green fields and meadows alongside the River Mole and footpaths by fields used for mixed farming. [4] It is of brick and stone in 13th-century style, has a nave and aisles, five arcades, chancel, transepts, and a western tower and spire. The 18th-century weir at Betchworth was modified in 2004 to facilitate the installation of two 27.5kW low-head hydro turbines. [17] The mean flow measured at Horley gauging station (52m[171ft] above OD) is 1.40m3/s (49cuft/s). [78], It is not clear to what extent the Mole was used for navigation in the past: In the late 13th century, Thorncroft Manor (south of Leatherhead) purchased a shout, a type of boat up to 16 metres (52ft) in length used to carry produce to market[79] and it has been suggested that stone cut from quarries in Reigate was transported to London via the river. The bridge has a 15m (49ft) span with mass concrete abutments and a pre-stressed concrete deck. [61], At Leatherhead the river leaves the chalk bedrock, moving onto London Clay. In this manner it goes away, lessening the stream for above a mile, near two, and these they call the Swallows. There are around 3,500 measuring stations, and most are along main rivers and the coast. Mole (Horley to Hersham) is 60.133 km long and is not designated artificial or heavily modified. In this it was said, "I can see no future for [The Mole]. KT10 9RA. [8] In John Speed's 1611 map of Surrey this stretch of the river is denoted by a series of hills accompanied by the legend "The river runneth under". However this proved to be impractical and they were instead covered by concrete domes, up to 18 m in diameter, each fully supported by the surrounding chalk and provided with a manhole and access shaft to allow periodic inspection. The journey to Waterloo takes about 50 minutes. Hersham is a village in Surrey, within the M25. [_ch MP=e(3+K}h;,x5K_>. [2], During the second half of the 20th century pollution levels in the river were high; however, since 1995 the water quality has improved dramatically and the Mole now boasts the greatest diversity of fish species of any river in England. In the nucleus of the village is Hersham Green, 3.4 acres (1.4ha) of open space on which regular events take place throughout the year. The 1st XV play in a black-amber strip. The woodland, river and ponds are attractive at any time of the year. The average level of accommodation in the region composed of detached houses was 28%, the average that was apartments was 22.6%. The River Mole near Esher Road in Hersham. [1][3] Twelve Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs) that include wetland habitats are located within the Mole catchment area, and the stretch of river through Leatherhead has been designated a Local Nature Reserve. [74], The Mole Gap and North Downs do not appear to have been settled until the late Stone Age: A large axe, typical of a "rough-out" axe produced during the Neolithic period, which was discovered in 1952 during building work in Westhumble,[75] A flint mine of the same period has been discovered at East Horsley along with Neolithic flakes of flint at Fetcham and Headley Heath. Mesolithic sites at Wonham, Flanchford and Sidlow. Robinsway, Hersham is 634 meters away, 9 min walk. [68][69][70][note 7], The name Mole does not appear until the 16th century, first occurring as Moule in Harrison's Description of Britain of 1577. [6] The catchment area receives 761mm (30.0in) of rain each year; the greatest average level of rainfall is 800mm (31.5in) around Crawley. It is home to Sandown Park Racecourse. Robert Bloomfield (17661823) writes the following lines about the Mole Valley in his 1806 poem Wild Flowers. [11], Five of the mills mentioned in Domesday Book were in the borough of Elmbridge.[10]. We produce, brand and supply for some of the biggest names in the industry. Single track bridge built in 1842 and refurbished in 1993. Its roll holds approx. It then swings east and joins the Thames between East . The canoe is preserved at the Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford. Up to date as of 3:29pm on 27 February 2023. [28], Standard water quality of Mole and its tributaries has improved markedly since the 1990s. Fast trains stopping at Walton-on-Thames reach London Waterloo within 30 minutes. The remaining red brick mill dates from the 1822 and was in use until 1928. [4], Hersham's first chapel of ease (Holy Trinity church, which was demolished in 1889 having been superseded) was built of yellow brick in Anglo-Norman style in 1839. Mention of a court held at Hersham in 1272 by Reginald de Imworth and Matilda his wife, may indicate that he was then lord of the manor. The woodland, river and ponds are attractive at any time of the year. At Cobham the river swings round in a pronounced axehead meander skirting Painshill Landscape Garden, where a 11-metre (35ft) diameter waterwheel raises water 5 metres (16ft) from the river to feed the ornamental lake in the park. The stones give their name to the pub in the nearby village of Westhumble. This is a new service your feedback will help us to improve it. Rebuttals included that the Mole is a "charming Surrey steam" and "If Lord Lytton went to fish in the River Mole and there are still angling clubs there he would find that he would still be able to catch a trout". The course of the river through Norbury Park was partially straightened when the Epsom to Horsham railway was built in 1837, with the removal of a small meander north of Westhumble. The bridge is largely composed of flint and has a large inverted scallop shell in the place of the keystone and similar shells in the spandrels at each side. The sudden change from impermeable Weald Clay to permeable chalk and the increased gradient[note 4] of the river, allow the water table to drop below the bed of the river. Very little angling is available in this area as the local lakes are closed to fishing and the River Mole is controlled by the local authority who do not permit fishing on their land. The river flows initially southwards for 1km (0.6mi) to a small lake at Baldhorns Park, before running eastwards through a largely rural area towards Crawley. A number of minor tributaries join the river from the west and are typically second order streams draining the woodland and arable land between Horsham and Dorking. [43], The West End Common forms part of the Esher Commons, owned and managed by Elmbridge Borough Council. The westbound carriageway on Esher Road was down to one lane for much of the morning rush hour as the incident was investigated due to a line of emergency vehicles parked by the curb in the left lane. The bridge was rebuilt in 1991. [6], The river has captured the imagination of several authors and poets,[7] particularly since in very hot summers the river channel can become dry between Dorking and Leatherhead, most recently in 2022. It rises in West Sussex near Gatwick Airport and flows northwest through Surrey for 80km (50 miles) to the Thames at Hampton Court Palace. Cp-o{ kh/smY$Q$ ;^/%wh xHeZ?!Lku'Foki7# Dc|zNgnQ/I|G7#-[;Xeet?wi0v\v^S}"5K%zx MO9z5N.w?m?yuWFG (mVg! Just over a mile long and several feet wide, the Bird Island Pier takes you out onto the Niagara River. [86], The river crossing at Sidlow Bridge was heavily defended and a line of pill boxes was constructed on the north bank of the river. The North Downs Way crosses the river at Box Hill via seventeen hexagonal stepping stones, which are frequently submerged after heavy rainfall. Zander have been caught in the Lower Mole below Dorking since the 1980s. Within a few minutes walk of the village centre in the east are green fields and meadows alongside the River Mole and footpaths both through and by fields used for mixed farming. =? [76], Significant Bronze Age finds include a bronze sword found close to the river north of Amberley Farm near Charlwood[77] and a small hoard of weaponry consisting of two palstave axes and a scabbard chape was discovered in 2003 in Norbury Park close to Ham Bank. You can change your cookie settings at any time. The river passes under the airport in a 425m (465yd) long concrete culvert with 50cm (20in) thick walls and roof. However, a search of the scene uncovered no evidence of any body parts and the fire service handed over control of the incident to Surrey Police. TV presenter John Inverdale has long been associated with the club, albeit the 2010s saw his involvement diminish. Due to its proximity to London and Shepperton Studios, Hersham is frequently a filming location for film and television productions including Nighty Night, The Glass, and Monty Python The second series of the TV show, Ashes to Ashes was filmed in Hersham. About 90% of the energy generated is fed into the regional electricity grid, while the remainder is used to supply the Betchworth Park Estate, where the weir is situated. The very modest High Street contains almost entirely only convenience and socialising stores; fashion and leisure shops are to be found less than 2 miles (3.2km) to the north, in Walton on Thames. The restoration project was dedicated to the memory of the Canadian servicemen who were billeted in the manor during the Second World War. [note 2], From Sidlow the Mole turns north west towards Brockham. [1] Investment in the Sewage Treatment Works in the catchment area has improved the quality of the discharges into the river,[1] and modifications to the runway and apron drainage systems at Gatwick Airport mean that surface water is diverted to aerated pollution control lagoons and balancing ponds for treatments, including acid/alkali neutralisation, before release into the river. Allaboutangling.net: built by anglers for anglers. An epic 9 hour paddle/tree climb/portage-fest, down the River Mole from Fetcham to Hersham with friends from London. Acclaimed Astrologer", "They've been kept hangin' on for the X Factor live shows! [citation needed]. [30], Highly polluting discharges have become less common but have taken place since 2000. This was estimated in 2004 to have consisted of around 7,000 birds.[15]. Hersham is served by Hersham and Walton-on-Thames railway stations with a minimum of two trains per hour even on Sundays and differing types of services on the South West Main Line. Besides the significant contribution of ABC Motors to the British war effort with products that included auxiliary power units for Short Sunderland flying boats), Vickers-Armstrongs had four secret production sites in the village and its surrounding parish occupied the existing Ben Stanley Ltd bus depot and workshop in Burwood Road as part of its dispersed Tinsmiths Department. It was used to process corn, brass wire, iron, paper, linoleum, and books. [11] It has been used for many purposes including the processing of corn, paper, iron, tinplate and flock and the generation of electricity. River Mole rises in Baldhorns Copse 700 m (0.4 mi) to the south of the village of Rusper in West Sussex. [95], The single-span Shell Bridge stands in the grounds of Thorncroft Manor, to the south of the Town Centre. Hersham is a charming little station in Surrey, with views over fields, the River Mole and a local golf course. Turn left, signposted Hersham and follow this almost to the gates of a caravan site. The first, in 1663, was passed by the House of Commons but was defeated in the House of Lords. yes that is it olly had a walk round the pond as well did find some intense feeding going on in one corner very few fishing it in fact the third person . The 360 acre estate is known both for its extensive wildlife more than 150 species of birds and mammals have been recorded in the woods and parkland around its lakes and communal areas .as well as the high level of security and privacy provided to its residents; it is one of the few remaining residential areas in the United Kingdom never to However, during the early 1930s, when Hampton Court Way and the bridge were built, the River Mole was redirected to flow into the River Ember and both rivers now enter the Thames in a single widened and straightened channel once occupied only by the River Ember. It was used to produce gunpowder from the time of the Commonwealth until about 1780. [3] The Gatwick Stream is dominated by coarse fish such as brown trout, brook lamprey, and eel. [80], During the 17th century, two bills came before parliament to make sections of the river navigable. Fished the river years ago in the Esher/Hersham and Molesey areas before the giant flood of Molesey in the 60's. . The walk begins beside the Prince of Wales Pond, grid ref 129639, postcode Finds at Wonham include arrowheads and a plano-convex knife. The first gauging station on the Mole is south of Gatwick Airport (57m[187ft] above OD). . Mole (Horley to Hersham) takes in water from an area around 151.017 km2 in size and is part of the Mole Lower and Rythe catchment area. A severe flood warning means there's a danger to life. There are around 3,500 measuring stations, and most are along main rivers and the coast. Read more 2021 munki-boy design, All Rights Reserved. However the river's name is unlikely to have derived from this behaviour: The Oxford Dictionary of English Place Names suggests that Mole either comes from the Latin mola (a mill) or is a back-formation from Molesey (Mul's island). In 1953 the larger mill was demolished by Surrey County Council to allieviate traffic congestion on Mill Road. The only contiguous settlement is Walton-on-Thames, its post town. [92] The bridge was constructed as an ornamental feature in parkland laid out by Capability Brown in the late 18th century. ", "Manchester United's Luke Shaw signs new contract at Old Trafford until 2023", Parakeet population booming in borough Molesey News & Mail, 7 July 2004, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Hersham&oldid=1134823525. Another well-established commercial business is the popular Squires Garden Centre adjacent to the Burvale Cemetery in Burwood Road. [38], In the Mole Gap between Dorking and Leatherhead the river supports populations of chub, dace, barbel, and brown trout. Hersham also has three primary schools Burhill, became primary in 2015, Bell Farm, became primary in 2014 and Cardinal Newman. Location. Between Dorking and Leatherhead the Mole cuts a steep-sided valley (the Mole Gap) though the North Downs, carving a 170-metre-high (560ft) river cliff on the western flank of Box Hill and a smaller 50-metre (160ft) cliff at Ham Bank in Norbury Park. [65] Remains of a further gravel terrace, containing cherts and flints to a depth of 4m (13ft), line the east side of St George's Hill. % Its housing is relatively low-rise and diverse and it has four technology/trading estates. This is the ultimate river walk - you'll feel like you're floating on water as you make your way down this narrow slice of walkway situated in the middle of the Niagara River's famous vibrant waters. [9] Domesday Book lists twenty mills on the river in 1086, of which Sidlow Mill was the oldest, dating from Saxon times. 1200 students. The author Daniel Defoe, who attended school in Dorking and probably grew up in the village of Westhumble,[56][57] described the swallow holes in the River Mole in his book A tour thro' the Whole Island of Great Britain (first published in 1724): the current of the river being much obstructed by the interposition of those hills, called Box Hill it forces the waters as it were to find their way through as well as they can; and in order to do this, beginning, I say, where the river comes close to the foot of the precipice of Box-Hill, called the Stomacher, the waters sink insensibly away, and in some places are to be seen (and I have seen them) little channels which go out on the sides of the river, where the water in a stream not so big as would fill a pipe of a quarter of an inch diameter, trills away out of the river, and sinks insensibly into the ground. River Mole in Surrey. It was occupied by pre-historic folk whose flint instruments have been found in large numbers beside the River on Southwood Manor Farm[n 2]. [39] Today the Mole and Wey are less than 2km (1.2mi) apart at their closest point near Painshill Park. Get flood warnings by phone, text or email. Other specialist Hersham firms include coachbuilders Compton & Herman Ltd based in Molesey Road in the 1920s before being renamed Compton Motor Body Builders and later moving first to Kingston and then to New Malden. A severe flood warning means there's a danger to life. [71], In common with much of the rest of the Weald, the earliest evidence of human settlement along the Upper Mole is from the Mesolithic Period (20,0007000BC). Early in World War II, Barnes Wallis and several hundred staff were evacuated to Burhill Golf Club from the nearby Vickers-Armstrongs aircraft factory at Brooklands and designed the legendary Dambusters 'bouncing bomb' there. [136], In addition there was Ember Mill, which stood on the banks of the old course of the River Ember near Hampton Court Way.[136]. Extract from The River Mole or Emlyn Stream by Mary Drinkwater Bethune, which was published in 1839. Not all of the water removed from the river by the swallow holes is returned to the channel at Leatherhead. Surrey Fire and Rescue Service received the report at 7.13am and sent two fire engines, two Water Rescue teams and two officers to the site near Esher Road. Get more Esher news from SurreyLive straight to your inbox for free here. Pages on this website do NOT confer a right to fish, nor to fish in a certain way. A website by Gorge Services Ltd. All rights reserved. [22] The aquifer at Fetcham is the only one in the entire catchment area. The proportion who owned their home with a loan compares to the regional average of 32.5%. Youve accepted analytics cookies. The gauging station south of Gatwick Airport was installed in 2005, replacing an earlier station located 200m (220yd) downstream.