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Prepare for a Job Fair Fantastic teacher, but difficult tests. Overall, Dr. Meyers is a great professor and is willing to help everyone. There are some professors at this school that are respectable. . The lectures are really long, but he tries to make them interesting. This is an extremely difficult school, but that is why they are so well known. Rate My Professors Youngstown, OH Eastern Gateway Community College View all Professors Submit a Correction Rate this school 2.9 Overall Quality Food 3.5 Location 3.5 Reputation 3.0 Internet 3.0 Facilities 3.0 Safety 3.0 Opportunities 3.0 Happiness 2.5 Social 2.5 Clubs 2.5 2 Ratings Overall 3.6 average Feb 3rd, 2020 staff sucks!!! I am currently taking the crunched 4 week summer A & P II course (4 days a week, just under 5 hrs each day!) Another useful feature found in Rate My Professors app is the Top Professors and Top Institutions list. Reviews should focus specifically on the course and your learning experience. She provides study guides for each exam so you know what to expect. Gateway Community College Reviews , New Haven, Connecticut , United States Add A Teacher Elvisa Babaca Be the first to leave a review! Prof says one needs to work for an A and he definitely means it. Everything is online now so that doesn't matter. A professor that I will remember years to come. You can access the software portal at http://my.commnet.edu. Find and Rate University Professors 100,631 Professors listed from over 3,630 Universities Nationwide. Very impressed with TRIO SSS to help where advisers fall short. Lots of RSO's here! But she managed to change my bland views on math from discomfort into joy. It is important to remember that you are making one of the most important investments in your life. Lots of resources are available to students. im sure there is something for everyone, you have to find it. Well the sanford campus is hard to get around and parking is terrible at first. Bad: Food tastes good but is way too expensive. Always do your research as you might get runarounds. Skiing, snowmobiling, hiking, and more outdoor things. Furthermore, Rate My Professor allows students to leave comments about the performance not only of the professor but the entire campus itself. The faculty is strange. If you believe that your profile is being spammed or dogpiled, please tell us. I always felt I had support and lots of options. Wads food will make you sick do not eat, if you can avoid it please do. I thought for sure I would fail this class. Not much chances for friendship or social life and campus is pretty small. As we embark on a new academic year under the most unusual of circumstances, we reaffirm the college's commitment to providing each of our students with the education and skills that are needed to further your academic and professional goals. Eastern Gateway Community College tuition is $3,961 per annum for in-district residents. I expected this school to be easier but i was wrong and lazy. Radiography program is talked so highly of but students have to teach themselves everything. I know some people who do the same; others never check the site at all. Basically, to go to college and be an adult to get a career, you have to act like an adult and take responsibility for actions. I thought BIO was going to be tough with all the info, but with her teaching skills, the semester flew by fast. After reading other posts on how great this professor was. I've never tried the food but I'm sure it's fine. Net Price Calculator. One of the ten campuses of the University of California system, UCI offers 87 undergraduate degrees and 129 graduate and professional degrees, and roughly 30,000 undergraduates and 6,000 graduate . :). I wish she taught higher levels of math! Good small school for engineering. Book was free online, not essential to passing. I ended her class with a B. Naturally this class is tough. Rate My Professors New Haven, CT Gateway Community College View all Professors Submit a Correction Rate this school 3.1 Overall Quality Safety 3.7 Happiness 3.3 Location 3.3 Facilities 3.1 Internet 3.1 Food 3.0 Opportunities 3.0 Reputation 3.0 Clubs 2.6 Social 2.4 161 Ratings Overall 4.6 awesome Feb 7th, 2023 average. Once you get passed those parameters, you can then enjoy the various features of this useful app just like the ones below. Paying For College. Clear concise expectations for course. she gives extra credit but you need to work for it. Simply type the name of a professor in the search bar, or find your school by entering its name. Its honestly a decent campus which I enjoy a lot but there are a few minor changes that would improve the overall experince. To that end, if you are looking for a useful app you can use in choosing the right college or university for you, then, look no further than the Rate My Professors app. 158 Ratings. Just study and put the work in and you'll be fine! Shannon is an awesome instructor, she goes above and beyond to make herself available if you need help you. The worst experience ive ever had at a school in my entire life. they encourage you to email them with any questions or call and they never respond and leave you in the dark to figure out your problems. 1. I wish there was more tutoring opportunities and more choices for clubs, Hard to get faculty and staff to return e-mails and phone calls Even after sitting down with some of the above mentioned persons they seemed to have little knowledge of how to address most of my questions and concerns Their data system is outdated. There are so many research opportunities here, and the people are great too. I hadnt taken chemistry in years. I would like to see more clubs and job postings. #LeaveYourMark Rate My Professors Enter your school to get started I'd like to look up a professor by name Join the RMP Family Love RMP? There are no chapter review for the exams, as per professor too much information and no time for review, (maybe less rambling during lectures) A bit condescending and egotistic His labs are ridiculous gives you packets where you have to draw slides on packet and answer chapter questions. Beware of enrollment services and the staff. Rate my professors at GCC Add Instructor & Review (Different School?) The location is not the most exciting but I do enjoy that there is never traffic , so it works out. when you do speak to someone they either dont know what they are doing or have an attitude. Sports med MD, smart man. Staff and professors are good, school is clean. She's a great teacher. We are unable to remove a comment simply because it is negative. I have taken multiple classes from her and I wish I took all my math classes with her. She is a teacher that when you meet for the first time you do not feel intimidated. The college is good and so are some of the staff. Rate My Professors is a straightforward review site which, as the name suggests, focuses on the performance of college professors. The link address is: http://www.ratemyprofessors.com/ShowRatings.jsp?tid=1478353 He was always available to go over things you didn't understand the first time. Professor of Human Services, jcohen@GatewayCT.edu, 203-285-2289, Office S124D Details & Hours Cole Charles Lead Custodian, ccole@GatewayCT.edu, x86045, Office N024 Details Cornell Jaimie L Student Account and Appeals Coordinator-EA, JCornell@GatewayCT.edu, 203-285-2110, Office N216 Details Crawford Christine EGCC can be a bit disorganized, so stay on top of your advisers and contact them frequently if you have any unanswered questions. Awesome overall! There is no extra credit, so make sure you study! Online reviews should be one of the many resources used when making a decision that affects your academic future. These guidelines will help you feed the app with the most accurate evaluation of the university, professor, or college you chose. Love this professor!!! The classes are cheaper to take here than at a four year for a reason. Think of it as part of your college initiation. In turn, professors can also leave a reply to the students comments and ratings. She is so dedicated to helping students that she records her class lectures on youtube in case you miss class! If you disagree with the details mentioned in a review, see the paragraph above regarding managing your profile. Professor deLivron is one of the best science professors I have had! I thought he would he would be a great professor for a very difficult subject. Meyers is an amazing professor. Write A Review Exchange Rate Information. This is not a forum for debate. What can I say about Shannon Ruth? But if there's anyone to take for a class like this is Dr. D, she's 1 of the best. The teachers that I have had so far are exceptional!! You can contact us here or at support@ratemyprofessors.com. Eric Meyers at Gateway Community College - RateMyProfessors.com 4.9 / 5 Overall Quality Based on 42 ratings Eric Meyers Professor in the Biology department at Gateway Community College 93% Would take again 2.9 Level of Difficulty Rate Professor Meyers I'm Professor Meyers Submit a Correction Professor Meyers 's Top Tags Tuition & Fees; Installment Payment Plan Overview; Spring 2023 Installment Plans; Financial Aid; . Are you kidding me? Some professors are AWESOME, some not at all. If you do not agree with someones individual experience, we encourage you to share your own. Advisors were so helpful, and this was by far my best experience school-wise! She has the ability to make one enjoy math, she goes the distance to assure her students understand the material she always cares for her students. The location is convenient. Dont pass it up! This is my first year here and I love it so far. Can be a very hard school, but thats how they have such a great reputation. To realize this mission, Gateway Community College: Do your research and find a better school with more offerings. Its database includes more than 7,500 schools across the United States, Canada, England, Scotland, and Wales. As for online experience and classes, there are professors that put their heart and soul into the class who are wonderful, and others that make it feel like a closed-door policy and as if you are there to ride a treadmill. Thus, aiding them on their decision or for the most part, prepare themselves on what to expect on the professor, college, or campus the enrolled in. If I could graduate with a bachelors/masters here, I would have stayed all the way through. Treats student like adults who are in college to learn basics of medical profession fluently. I am not good at math at all but with her help I was able to pass this class. Wish it was a four year school. You will love her style!!!!! I FEEL THE ONLY THING I WILL GIVE A GREAT RATING IS "THE LEARNING CENTER" ON CAMPUS. Right in the heart of New Haven, there are many nice cafes and restaurants to go to. Summer intensive online session 2020. Rate my Professors to allow college and university students to post or assign ratings to campuses and professors of American, UK, and Canadian institutions. Take a minute to step back and make sure your review will genuinely help others understand your experience. Life changing college experience. Exams, study ppts and look up unfamiliar content; open book and math heavy. Dr. Meyers is an awesome professor! Engineering is hard, but if you fit well in academics and the outdoors, you'll love it here. In a short summary, she is the absolute best professor you could ever have. They lose your papers and then expect you to just redo classes. Choose your desired language: Fourth semester here and I can't find a good balance. Do not comment on a Professors appearance, dress, age, gender, or race. It's a decent school like the common areas and lots of vending machines. Best prof I've ever had! Dont take if your not fresh out of high school. professors have been great and I like the campus personally. No book needed. Download Rate My Professors on PC. As for online experience and classes, there are professors that put their heart and soul into the class who are wonderful, and others that make it feel like a closed-door policy and as if you are there to ride a treadmill. Prof Meyers is fair and normal. It's a lot of information, but she puts in the effort to fit all of our learning preferences w/ voiceover lectures and PPs. With that said, check out some of the Rate my Professors guidelines below for more details. It's just a lot of material. Professors and Advisors want you to stay here to get more money from you. Does not accommodate you if your not able to meet during her office hours. It is important to browse through and consider each of the clauses to make your review more accurate and useful to future users of the app. Social life can be great up here, it won't if you sit in your room and play video games. Our students stay in the community when they graduate and are committed to giving back and bettering the lives of others. Not many areas to hang out with friends. Don't assume you'll be notified of anything ever. Clearly loves his profession. It can be miserable, but it's class-by-class. Erik Murrell (2018) Assistant Professor and Program Coordinator, Human Services. Online lectures are very long but detailed. Enjoyed every class." @ratemyprofessor. I wish I had Dr.d as my professor for every class! Has a great mix of professionalism and a nice sense of humor all with a caring attitude. Gateway Community College offers high-quality instruction and comprehensive services in an environment conducive to learning. AP 2 has too much info not to. Finals non-cumulative. keyValue[2].split('/')[2] : null;} Great school but nothing is handed to you. Gateway Community College 5 months Biology Instructor Aug 2022 - Present5 months Adjunct Professor Aug 2022 - Present5 months Clinical Research Assistant Yale University Aug 2022 - Present5. It's financially stressful to pay for books almost what we pay for tuition. Student service counselors are very nice. Some of these institutions include TCC Tidewater Community College, ASU Arizona State University, HCC Houston community college, MDC Miami Dade College, UCF University of Central Florida, BYU Brigham Young University, etc. Online, summer version of A&P II. Write A Review Carol Brutza Be the first to leave a review! We respond to the changing academic, occupational, technological, and cultural needs of a diverse population. Ratemyprofessors.com is a site founded in May 1999 by a Menlo Park, CA-based software engineer named John Swapceinski. Will need a tutor. As someone who struggled with AP1, I thought AP2 was far easier and stimulating, largely due to professor Meyers' teaching style, organization, lectures, use of lecture recording, accessibility outside of class, etc. Rate My Professors' moderation team is unable to prove or disprove details mentioned in a review. Odds are you'll have to leave a message. You have to REALLY get to know how the college system works. With an education from Gateway Community College, the sky's the limit! She's very nice & always available to help. Very friendly and more than willing to answer any uncertainties or concerns. It is my great pleasure to welcome you to Gateway Community College (GCC). Rate My Professors will let you rate your professor and campus. However, she made the class material presentable and was present with office hours. The only disappointing thing I can say is that she doesn't teach every math class. Michigan Tech exists to grab money from kids who know no better. [CDATA[ */ Rate My Professor | Rate Your Professor newest professor View All Professor: Joan Rice School: Los Angeles Valley College City: Valley Glen State: California Department: Nursing Helpful Score: 5 Easy Score: 2.8 Clarity Score: 5 Professor: Lee Patterson School: Centre College City: Danville State: Kentucky Department: Classics Helpful Score: 0 Fantastic location and wonderful people, feels like home all around. Read the labs before hand and work together to get out early. The top professors' list is also featured on each of the schools in the apps database. Read the PowerPoint, and you'll pass! We are unable to provide any data or personal information about the submitter of a review. I have great professors, and have had a great experience here thus far. The area is nice but I couldn't do much without car. This is where the Rate My Professors app comes into play. When you are reviewing a class and/or professor, its often helpful to provide both pros and cons. This is the professor I wish I could honor years later as having changed my life. After Dr. Meyers first lecture I realized that I can do this! The school is a business of taking your money and setting you up for failure. Her lectures are clear and so easy to follow. *****. this school isn't for me. She's very helpful, I took Dr. DeLivron for Spring 2022, she is excellent. GATEWAY CHRISTIAN TRAINING COLLEGE. To that end, download now straight to your PC today by clicking on the link provided on this page. Most academics at Eastern Gateway Community College are Female Instructors (29), Male Instructors(22), and Female Associate professors (5). It will prepare you for universities were you will have to do registration on your own. You're welcome! I took advantage of her office hours and was rewarded with a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Self service school, the online platform for student information is archaic, and assistance from non teaching staff is non existent. uci.edu. Gateway is a really great school. Theres much more, I have never felt as uncomfortable and stressed in my life while im unfortunately still attending this school. The professors are rude, dont honor accommodations, and have horrible communication. Share and read important information on the class. Do take note that following these guidelines are put in place to help you produce a meaningful review that will be helpful to future students in the future. I thought he would be awesome based on this site but my experience was different. She does not do midterms or final exams, so the class is a breeze. Discussion posts are also helpful in digesting the material. Student and alumni reviews of Gateway Community College, New Haven, CT at StudentsReview -- Tuition, Application, Sports of Gateway Community College. And there is almost nothing around here. The student success center doesnt reply to emails. I really enjoyed my time at Gateway! There is a lot of information in this class so you really have to make sure you're studying the material provided. Dorm food could use some significant improvement. Its absolutely beautiful. Rate my Professors App is one of the most innovative not to mention the most detailed ratings app out there. Directions & Parking. Education, after all, is a basic commodity in life that proves to be beneficial in the long run. Similar to most applications, the Rate my Professors app comes with its own set of guidelines. Eastern Gateway Community College Reviews Updated Jan 3, 2023 Find Reviews Clear All Full-time, Part-time English Filter Found 36 of over 45 reviews Sort Popular Popular COVID-19 Related Highest Rating Lowest Rating Most Recent Oldest First 3.8 63 % Recommend to a Friend 83 % Approve of CEO Michael Geoghegan 7 Ratings Offered to help me in Calculus if I needed it. However, there are few great food options! She has a very different teaching style that I was not used to. Some people just have the gift; she definitely does. Loved the class, but beware - tons of work! I would suggest taking this instructor even if you are good at math. Her tests might scare you at first, but put in the time studying & you'll do fine. That is what I learned at GWCC. If you have any questions he will answer. The student body is small enough where if you meet someone you will see them around. I took Ruth for DiffyQ and she was a wonderful prof. As to how accurate the reviews are depending on the volume itself, after all, not everyone will be pleased by a certain campus or the teaching methods used by professors. Its an average community college. This professor is the best anyone could ask for. She's super nice and really wants you to ask questions and learn. Did not learn anything. Don't expect everyone in the college to treat you like royalty. I was referred to GCC by numerous people and the BIO courses here are as good as a university's. Does not have one on one instructional help time. All the resources or the data are already provided by the Rate My Professors app, this means that all you need, is to do your part, which is to exploit the platform. View all Match Education jobs in Eastern Gateway Community College Professors Stats: Total number of professors indexed: 17 ; Total number of reviews submitted: Register today! The goal of the app is simple; provide a trustworthy platform the students can use to gain basic knowledge on the courses offered and the professors in the colleges or universities in their area. never had the food. The lab was also interesting. great staffs, great faculties, perfect career services, strongly recommended. Find & rate your professors or school! In addition to professor reviews, Rate my Professors app also allows students to leave reviews on the university or campus itself. The best professor Ive ever had. The only thing that I like about this school is the cost of tuition. The more reviews you have, the more representative they will be. Very organized with lectures, very caring and understanding, and is very knowledgeable. Know your stuff! With that said, making sure that you get the most out of your investment is only normal. There have been some improvements made to common area's and they are nice. Don't take this class with other classes unless you have amazing time management. Fordham University, B.S.W. Write A Review Christine Delucia Be the first to leave a review! Personally, this is the first science teacher I had that I loved. Professor replies are subject to the same limitations regarding Prohibited Content, as set forth above. GateWay Community College Priority Registration Be the First to Register Starts March 6 My Maricopa Find A Class Financial Aid Library Learning Center Don't Miss Out We invite you to attend three online events featuring uplifting speakers. He is very patient and cares that his students are learning and understanding the material. She will give different learning examples, so which ever one makes most sense to you, you can use. With a Professor account, you can post a reply and are alerted when new ratings are posted on your profile. Instead of being a competitive school, there is a focus on being able to work on a team. This number represents the median, which is the midpoint of the ranges from our proprietary Total Pay Estimate model and based on salaries collected from our users. Write A Review Judith Campbell Be the first to leave a review! Great school with great reputation. Safety downhill since covid since they are open to all public in metro. Goodluck. This encourages a healthy relationship between professors and students. As far as clubs, there isnt one that peaks my interests but if any of you lot anime or are really into the black lives matter movement, there is something for you. She had cared more about watching soccer game in her office,then helping me. Shannon is seriously one of the best professors i've ever had. The estimated total pay for a Adjunct Instructor at Eastern Gateway Community College is $30 per hour. The material was easy to absorb just by attending his lectures, a textbook wasn't necessary at all. STUDY. It can be miserable, but it's class-by-class. Amazing professor and lecturer! She is the best math teacher Ive ever had. Study the powerpoints and you'll be fine. She makes the lessons clear and easy to understand. I had her hybrid bio and her lectures and labs are very clear and well done. Lectures were long but informative, and Dr. M is very engaging. Eastern Gateway Community College employs 51 Instructors, 6 Associate professors, and 6 Assistant professors. MTU shines with the students and environment surrounding it. In other words, if you are a college freshman student who is researching or on the prowl for the best professor who can provide you with the best instruction about your course, then, feel free to check out the Rate My Professors app today. The OpenCCC single sign-in account allows you to access the online services of the California Community Colleges. If you live close by its a fantastic college for price and convenience. It's impossible to fail her class. I took chem 4 times before I passed with her, I just couldn't get the material till I took her class. y Professors will let you rate your professor and campus. Other professors are heavily biased and probably shouldn't be teaching at all. The cafe food is expensive asf. Excellent lectures, slides & recordings, minor inaccuracies here and there. Moreover, just like other investors, you must do your research as well. I never thought Id understand all the work but she is wonderful and will meet with you outside of class to help you. This review may sound fake but I promise you its not! Lecture exam: study recordings, ppts & Tortora if needed. Gateway's Campus. I loved the lectures and all the extra help and guides she posted. 3.6. Ratemyprofessors.com is a site founded in May 1999 by a Menlo Park, CA-based software engineer named John Swapceinski. Love the school and everyone seems nice !!!!! /* */. The computers are incredibly slow. Rate My Professor is a website that does exactly what it says it does, it provides students a space to vent or provide success stories about their professors. Read student evaluations and reviews from other students. To create your professor's account, get started here. Some of our programs prepare you to enter the workforce immediately after graduation. Lab exam: study practice practical pdf & do practice quizzes. Lots of labs and other activities but they help w/ material. Its a great school! One of the best math profs out there! Bad advisors gave me the wrong courses for my major (they did this with other people too.) I would keep practicing along the way otherwise things will get mixed up. There's no getting around the fact that it's a course requiring you to memorize a large amount of data. The hockey games and broom ball are to die for and there are numerous clubs and organizations, the food does suck(don't eat at wads). The dorms don't have great food and the professors can be a hit or miss but overall, a very solid choice for ambitious people. There is a ton of snow for a lot of the year and really fun local activities like broomball to keep active! I decided I want to focus on a humanities instead of a business degree. read the power points and you will be good. Rate My Professors Kenosha, WI Gateway Technical College View all Professors Submit a Correction Rate this school 3.6 Overall Quality Safety 4.6 Happiness 4.0 Location 3.9 Facilities 3.8 Opportunities 3.7 Internet 3.7 Reputation 3.5 Clubs 3.0 Food 2.8 Social 2.7 15 Ratings Overall 3.1 average Dec 14th, 2020 Its an average community college. Really good school. Lectures can be mind blowing, however she post them online so you can alway go back over them. The new location is beautiful, with a rooftop terrace, clean hallways filled with student artwork, and a location to die for. Alright community college, there's not much else going on for it. She does give partial credit but all of her test are open ended answers, So you definitely need to pay attention and really know the material. I had Dr. Delivron for a Hybrid Chem 111 class. Website. An absolute gem, who is truly passionate about what she does and it reflects in her work . Be very careful when picking course.