His first objective is to work together with the community and administration to provide the best teaching and learning for every student in the Clarkstown Central School District (CCSD). She also graduated from the Region 4 Superintendent Academy in Texas and holds a Texas Superintendent License. Phone: (702) 855-9765, Clark County School District In addition, Kennedy has initiated training around systems thinking, acknowledging publicly that systemic change is needed in order to improve the achievement of all students. 1 of 5 individuals selected across the United States to partake in a global research and co-creation program led by Google US Insights and . Student Learning Goal (SLG) Resources The District will implement SLGs during the 2022-2023 school year as an essential instructional process to impact student achievement. In the spring, we profiled Brockett and Hanevold, and in this issue we learn more about Dr. Loria. We must then give them the tools -- curriculum, professional development, and reliable assessments -- to succeed in the classroom. We are nestled in the heart of the Monterey Bay along the Central Coast of California. Las Vegas, Nevada 89119 School Associate Superintendent: Rebecca Lucero, lucerrm@nv.ccsd.net The first 10 years of his service in CCSD were in the classroom, teaching math, so he understands firsthand the everyday challenges that teachers face. Las Vegas, NV 89120. ", CCSD says it expects its administrators to meet licensure requirements and, in a statement, says: "At times, the process can be delayed due to additional information requests depending on the applicant's individual circumstances. Secondary Student Athletics and Activities, Cdigo de Conducta Estudiantil K-12 (PDF), Nevada Interscholastic Activities Association (NIAA), Assembly Bill 195 - English Language Learner Division, Curriculum and Professional Development Division, Assessment, Accountability, Research & School Improvement, Family and Community Engagement Services (FACES), Reopening Our Schools Implementation Guide (PDF), Superintendent's Back to School Message 2022-2023 (Spanish), Superintendent Jara Self Evaluation for CCSD to Cover June 2018 Through, 90 percent graduation rate, with a 100 percent increase in students graduating college and career ready, 100 percent increase in students completing advanced coursework such as Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, dual enrollment, and career and technical education certificates. 1966-1969: James Mason. She later served as the student support officer and also as human resources officer in Harrison School District Two, in Colorado Springs, Colo. Amid staffing shortages of teachers, substitutes, and bus drivers, Christmas came early this year for sixteen Clark County School District (CCSD) officials in the form of pay raises totaling more than $408,000. CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) - Charleston County School District (CCSD) board members participated in a budget workshop on Monday afternoon, and at the school board meeting that followed, Superint School Associate Superintendent: Sonya Holdsworth, holdssg@nv.ccsd.net This Superintendent really believes that he is the Superintendent for all students in Clark County, Hanevold said. School Associate Superintendent: Joseph Petrie, petrijr@nv.ccsd.net Dr. Jesus Jara is among the first to admit the areas that need improvement. Comments (-1) D15 Recognizes Substitute Teacher. Its raising concerns about the process in how she was hired. Your email address will not be published. Dr. 702-799-CCSD. ONeill Backs Bill Increasing Penalties For Animal Cruelty, Clark County School Board Scheduled to Discuss Interim Replacement of Ousted Superintendent Jara, Superintendent Dr. Jesus Jara is Removed by CCSD Board of Trustees. Focus on CCSD; Valedictorian Booklet 2022; Valedictorian Booklet 2021. CCSD works closely with the Nevada Department of Education and applicants to provide additional information to comply with licensure requirements.". He also is recognized as a volunteer peer review consultant for the Council of the Great City Schools. Highly effective and dedicated superintendent leading the thirty-second largest school District in the . Fort Myers, Florida, United States. "You can't hire someone without a license. The other new region superintendent that was announced last week was Debbie Brocket, the current franchise principal of Las Vegas High School and Duane D. Keller Middle School. During her tenure in Houston, the seventh largest school district in the nation, Dr. Loria led 17 schools out of the states Improvement Required status in only one year. Rep. Mark Amodei: Youre Not Going to Beat Steve Sisolak By Telling Everybody What a Jerk He is, Lombardo Unloads on Heller: Spineless bureaucrat and washed up baseball player. We cant change this system alone. Quotable Today, Data Insight Partners served the Clark County School District (CCSD) and its Superintendent Jesus Jara with a demand letter to Cease and Desist. The Globe will be in attendance and will provide additional updates. She moved to the United States with her family in 1999. Im humbled and honored to work in this capacity, and I am committed to providing the best educational environment for all staff, students, and parents, he says. Need help? So we can just get out of those administrators way and let them do their jobs.. * ADDITIONAL DETAILS. All content and images used on this site are owned by the Clark County School District (CCSD), and may be used without permission only for journalism, news, and educational purposes. Their blended family includes six children, and they have two grandchildren. Jeff Herring will be the district's new chief of facilities, and Dr. Dustin Mancl was named region superintendent for Region 1. The profiles of fellow region superintendents Debbie Brockett and Grant Hanevold can be read by clicking on their respective names. Prior to public service, he held corporate finance positions with Boeing and Science Applications International Corporation and served as a commissioned officer in the U.S. Air Force. Adapted Physical Education Alternative Instructional Arrangement Assistive Technology Services Case Management Child Find Crisis Response Team - Main Office Crisis Response Team - Mental Health Transition Office Deaf & Hard of Hearing Early Childhood Employee Health Services Extended School Year Gifted Education Services Homebound Services . LAS VEGAS (KLAS) On Thursday evening the Clark County School District Board of Trustees approved the list of new goals for 2022, set by Superintendent Jesus Jara. Connect with our Recruitment Team today to get the process started. So our voices in the rurals are being heard and respected. 1969-1978: Dr. Kenny Guinn, a highly respected leader who went on to serve as governor. On behalf of the entire Holt Homes team, thank you to everyone who voted for us as a Top 5 Builder in The Columbian's Best of Clark County for 2022! She now advances to represent CCSD in the regional competition, from which she could move on to the state contest. The new region superintendents are Mrs. Debbie Brocket and Mr. Grant Hanevold. School Associate Superintendent: Ronnie Guerzon, guerzra@nv.ccsd.net There would be fewer university regents under a bill discussed in the Nevada Legislature on Thursday, which would reduce membership from 13 to nine members. Get to know your CCSD region superintendent: Grant Hanevold's nearly three-decade career has spanned the spectrum of public education Under the leadership reorganization announced by Superintendent Dr. Jesus F. Jara, three region superintendents will supervise all CCSD schools. In March 2013, he was appointed principal at Sunrise Mountain High School, one of the lowest-performing high schools in the state. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. The second year saw continued gains, with a 6 percentage point increase. Click here to apply now. Sixteen district officials will get salary increases on December 1, 2021: Deputy Superintendent, Chief of Staff, Chief of Facilities, Chief of Communications, President and General Manager of Vegas PBS (a CCSD employee), District Police Chief, Chief Human Resources Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief of Operations, General Counsel, Chief Information Officer, Chief Academic Officer, Chief College Career Officer, Equity officer and three region superintendents. She has served children and communities as a teacher assistant, teacher, assistant principal, principal, area superintendent, chief of elementary schools and region superintendent. "We have to guess what, tear up the contract, because the contract will be null and void. The 2015 Nevada Principal of the Year has been a teacher, dean of students, assistant principal, principal and central office administrator. 702-799-CCSD. She may be licensed in other states, I get that, but we have rules and regulations here. 2021 Clark County School District. Jara introduced the regional superintendents as part of a reorganization aimed at cutting central service costs, eliminating top positions and ensuring consistent support to all schools. Superintendent Dr. Jesus F. Jara | Clark County School District Superintendent Dr. Jesus F. Jara The Clark County School District (CCSD) serves 300,000 students - and each only has one shot at school. You can't work without a license, he said. Google Global Youth Council. - Moderate to at times heavy rain will overspread much of Central Indiana late tonight, then persist through much of the day Friday. {{current_weather.dt | momentjs( atts.date )}}. Their blended family includes six children, and they have two grandchildren. Copyright 2002-2023 Blackboard, Inc. All rights reserved. G-1: School Board Consideration of Superintendent's Recommendation for Approval of Recommendations, Resignations, Terminations of Employment and Transfers for Certified and Classified Personnel ; H: Attorney Newcomer. Im humbled and honored to work in this capacity, and I am committed to providing the best educational environment for all staff, students, and parents, he says. You cant take that money back, he said. The Clark County School Board has faced criticism for allowing comments on non-action items only at the end of meetings. The outcry comes after an altercation between a school police officer and a Black student at Durango High School earlier this month. She later earnedher doctorate in K-12 Executive Leadership from the University of Houston. The District neither endorses nor is responsible for the sponsors, advertisements, statements, positions, opinions or any other content on any external websites. Source . Good things are happening throughout Nevada's education systems starting with K-12 all the way through postgraduate. I believe that managing schools under a fully collaborative process, with the assistance of all stakeholders, provides the best opportunity for students to thrive, he says. Contact Amelia Pak-Harvey at apak-harvey@reviewjournal.com or 702-383-4630. The new appointments are: REGION 1: Dr. James Kuzma, current principal of Rancho High School REGION 1: Scarlett Perryman, current principal of Frank F. Garside Junior High School She also enjoys mountain biking, running and traveling all this while learning to play the cello. With 16 Associate Superintendents they were not always doing the same things in the same way and a unified message wasnt coming across. I felt this urgency every day in my first year serving as your superintendent. School Associate Superintendent: Dr. Reece Oswalt, oswalre@nv.ccsd.net The region superintendent positions are critical to accelerate the student achievement goals in our draft strategic plan, Jara said in the announcement last week. F-3: School Board Consideration of Superintendent's Recommendation for Approval of the Special Lease Agreements ; G: Human Resources. In March 2013, he was appointed principal at Sunrise Mountain High School, one of the lowest-performing high schools in the state. She later earnedher doctorate in K-12 Executive Leadership from the University of Houston. Equity, and Inclusion. After a 90-day listening tour throughout our community, the Board of Trustees and my team set our five-year strategic plan, Focus:2024. We love the Minnesota Vikings so, unfortunately, we are often depressed.. Brent Suddaby Superintendent of Schools Brent Suddaby, Superintendent Superintendent's Office Organization Chart DACEE FOIA Strategic Plan A message from Dr. Laurie Heinz On behalf of the Board of Education, I welcome you to the 2022-23 school year. Superintendent Leadership Team Units/Divisions Business and Finance Unit Accounts Payable Budget Employee Benefits General Accounting Grants Fiscal Services Resource Management Environmental Services Risk Management Strategic Budget Resources Treasury Chief of Staff Diversity and Affirmative Action and Title IX Internal Audit Communications Hanevold began his administrative career as a dean of students at OCallaghan Middle School. In an interview with the Las Vegas Review-Journal a few months later, as he prepared for his first full year on the job, Hanevold made it clear he wasnt going to entertain excuses for the high schools performance. buffalo bills physical therapist, plato's closet shopify, mars signs compatibility,